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Digital Identity

Meet Digitalis, a self-sovereign digital identity platform.

Procure To Pay

Converting paper contracts into digital Digital Contracts and creating a repository of smart contract digital frameworks for the Energy Industry


Visibility  |  Transparency  |  Trust  |  Reliability

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)


Building capabilities to store and manage ESG data, leveraging blockchain's unique capabilities. Our process measures, curates and certifies ESG credentials.


Decision Making  |  Shared Value  |  Fairness  |  Verification

Understanding ESG

Why is it important?

Commodity Transport

Commodity Transport

Integrating production data, field sensors, and ERP systems to systematically validate invoicing transactions across all commodities, geographies, and transportation.


Lower overhead costs  |  Greater visibility for all parties  |  Fewer disputes and less auditing

Seismic Entitlement

Seismic Data Management

Automated tracking of digital rights to seismic data, throughout its lifecycle.


Accessible digital library of seismic data and ownership

Accelerates access to the "family tree" of data while administering rights management

Automatically updates for Mergers & Acquisitions activity

Integrated Joint Venture Management

Integrated JV Management

Transforming joint venture-related processes, to include balloting of Authorizations for Expenditure (AFE) and Joint Interest Billing (JIB).


Information and outcomes are available to all parties in real-time

Disputes are reduced leading to quicker settlement of receivables

Reduced operational costs such as copying, mailing, labor time, etc.

Data loss is eliminated

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