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Digital Roughnecks talks to
Raquel Clement

 Join Mark Smith and our own Racquel Clement as they discuss the Blockchain for Energy mission and how it provides ESG solutions to its members.

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Let’s Talk about the B-word: How blockchain is revolutionizing the energy industry

In this session we tackle the benefits of blockchain, how to best access these benefits, and how governance could be key to the future blockchain’s success.

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Raj Rapaka speaks at the Next Generation Oil & Gas Summit

Don't miss Board Member and Digital Transformation Advisor, Raj Rapaka, in discussion on Solving Industry Challenges with Blockchain.

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Digital Reshaping and Resilience: Uncovering Value in a New Age of Manufacturing Opportunity

Rebecca Hoffman discusses the onset of a global pandemic and how Industry 4.0 demanded a stark reality check of a company’s digitalisation efforts.

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B4E President Rebecca Hofmann talks to Geoffrey Cann

In this podcast We look at blockchain solutions in this episode, and how Blockchain For Energy got started. 

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Voovio Roundtable – Adapting to Survive in an Age of Disruption in Oil & Gas

Voovio's Director of Operations (Ron Lee) joins McKinsey & Company, Dow Chemical Company, Apache Corporation & Blockchain for Energy to discuss technological disruptions in the industry.

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