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Chemicals Haulage Solution


Building on the success of our Water Haulage Solution we sought to test how this transfomative technology could be applied to other commodities. For Chemical Haulage we again used sensors to collect and validate data in the field with incredible results. Our trial significatly reduced payment processing times and created a 100% match on invoices.

Chemical Automation Infographic.jpg

Working in collboration with our members is what we do best. Our inclusive approach and holistic view on available technologies enables us to create the right solution at the right time. We seek to share these solutions with our members for the benefit of the entire industry.


Our ESG Journey


Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance or ESG is an assesment of a company's approach to social and environmental factors and a measure of their overall corporate responsibility. We are building ESG based solutions which will benefit the entire industry. The graphic below details our progress and what's next for this exciting program.

ESG Infographic2.jpg

Blockchain for Energy is enabling our members to be part of creating an industry ecosystem which allows participants to test, use and improve our solution. The ESG ecosystem needs all parties to collaborate and develop together to ensure its validity for the benefit of the industry as a whole.

Commodity Transport

Commodity Transport Solution


In collaboration with member companies we have developed the use of IoT sensors and blockchain technology to provide secure data in the Commodity Transport supply chain. This solution creates a single source of truth between trucking companies and operators with no single point of failure.

Water Haul Infographic.jpg
  • Blockchain for Energy membership provides an operator to oilfield vendor “sandbox” that enables all members to test:

  • Automated validation of IOT sensor data

  • Smart contract-based business rules

  • Change management deployment tools

  • Integration of ERP systems

Blockchain For Energy continues to develop innovative solution offerings in collaboration with our valued members. In this section we look at those offerrings and the results that they generate. If you would like to learn more about our solutions or how your business can get involved please click here.

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