We plan to transform the Energy industry through seamless business interactions powered by blockchain technology.


Through industry collaboration and execution of several multi-function use cases across the oil and gas value chain, we explore the potential of this transformative technology. Technical Committees have been established to drive industry alignment and harmonize blockchain-related guidelines. Our exploration of blockchain will encompass other technologies that could supplement or compliment to enhance overall solutions. We will be positioned to drive optimal solutions at scale for the Energy industry.


The primary objectives of the OOC Blockchain Consortium are to:

  • Learn, lead and leverage blockchain technologies to improve operational efficiencies through automation, standardized ways of working, and increased seamless collaboration

  • Work to ensure the acceptance of blockchain technology to further digital transformation within the Energy industry by:

    • Educating on the benefits of employing blockchain technology​

    • Facilitating the development of common industry practices as appropriate to prioritized projects

    • Fostering communication including learnings with appropriate stakeholders

    • Creating value adding digital industry solutions

  • Act in a facilitator role, provide a forum and a process for discussion, guidance, and feedback with operators, suppliers, regulators, and academia regarding blockchain technology within the Energy industry

The OOC Blockchain Consortium Program shall identify and develop solution-based projects to prove the technology and automate the way the industry could work in the future.

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